New Zealand’s Job Market Remains Stable as the Economy Continues to Recover.  

The economy of New Zealand is showing signs of recovery, and this is reflected in the job market. Unemployment rates have returned to levels last seen in 2019, following a period of historic lows. Despite ongoing challenges such as skill shortages, hiring activity remains steady in various sectors.    

Industries such as technology, healthcare, and construction are still actively recruiting, but at a slower pace. Recruitment agencies and online job platforms have reported a consistent flow of job listings and candidate registrations, suggesting that employers and job seekers are cautious and resilient in their approach to the job market.

Despite ongoing efforts to address skills shortages in specific sectors, challenges persist. Upskilling and reskilling initiatives continue to bridge these gaps and align workforce capabilities with evolving industry needs.   Many organisations are currently prioritising diversity and inclusion in their workplaces. They're taking steps to ensure that all employees feel valued and supported.  

Stakeholders are cautiously optimistic about the New Zealand job market, with the government's continued support, business resilience, and a skilled workforce expected to contribute to sustained growth and recovery in the coming months despite ongoing uncertainties.

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